I went down one day
I went down one day to see a Gypsy woman
Just one old day, yes I did

I want to find out, I want to find out, I want to find out now
What’s wrong with me and my baby

We ain’t been getting down like we used to do
I mean it’s pretty good now
But there was a time
When it didn’t work too well

I went down to see this Gypsy woman, you understand
And I told her my story, I told her what was going on
And she told me, man she said ah
“All you need, all you need
All you need, all you need
All you got to have”

“All you need…
…Just a touch”

She said “all you got to have, oh Lord”

“Just a touch of Mojo’s hand”, oh bring it back on
And it feels pretty good, yes indeed

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