Don’t mistake me for somebody,
You think maybe just might give a damn
You already think I’m crazy,
So come on baby, try to hurt me if you can

Go on and cuss me out,
Go on and slam that door
You can’t throw nothin' at me,
I ain’t see before.
Go on and put me down,
Can’t fall off the floor
Ah, you can’t hurt a man who can’t feel nothin' no more

You can keep on tryin',
To see me cryin',
Swear I ain’t lyin',
That well is all dried up

And you can cheat me, leave me, laugh right at me,
Knock me over if it makes yah happy
Girl, it’s all your fault that I’m this tough

Go on and put me down,
I can’t fall off the floor.
Ah you can’t hurt a man that can’t feel nothin' no more