Check it out
It’s fucked up
'Cause I don’t see either one of us budgin'

I’m with-holding my anger
Though id like to be the strangler
Of this punk ass little pussy’s punie neck
It’s my right to insist
That he acknowledge my existence
But he just displays complete lack of respect
That’s when he says to himself as he
Uses his magazines to trash me
As he sits with both his feet up at his desk
Smokes a bag of his weed
And starts imagining things
And he just can’t see that hes manically depressed
And in his jealousy and envy
It just whirls him in a frenzy
As he turns on MTV and sees my face
And he don’t exist in his world
So he just twists and he twirls
Spirals and spins till he hurls himself into rage
And its destroying him slowly
'Cause he does not even know me
Even though he sees me everywhere he goes
So he just tortures himself
He has no fortune and wealth
So he extorts someone else to get his dough
And now hes acting like a bully
So he tries to push and pull me
But he knows that he can’t fool me so hes mad
He has no choice but to scream
And raise his voice up at me
'Cause it annoys him to see that I ain’t scared

You ain’t no muthafuckin
And I ain’t bowing to no muthafuckin
I won’t allow it, ain’t no coward to no
I’ll be damned if I don’t stand up to a
Fight like a man and throw my hands up to a

And I know it must be fuckin' with you emotionally

Now I’m not tryin' to make no more enemies
No more unfortunately
There’s so many other muthafuckas that just are
They just keep houndin at me
Now that I’m down wit 50
Suddenly now I got beef with this faggot Ja
But his ass is such a puppet
Irv could shove his whole hand up it
And just make him say what he wants him to say
But Suge has Irv on a string
And Irv’s so nervous that he
Says anything to this man to keep him at Bay
So now Ja thinks that hes so tough
And Murder INC’s the big bad wolf
And they go huff and puff
And blow our label down
But our buildings made out of bricks
So you ain’t takin' our shit
And dawg you just did a song with Bobby Brown
So now you try to pull the race card
And it backfires in your face hard
'Cause you know we don’t play that black and white shit
Plus that stylist that you fucked
When you was extacy’d up
Was just a man who’s dressed up
As a white bitch

You must be takin' too much eeeeeeeeee

Now what bothers me the most
About hip hop is we so close
To pickin' up where we left off with Big and Pac
We just lost Jam Master Jay
Big L got blasted away
Plus we lost Bugs, Snake Tongue and Freaky Tah
It’s like a neverending cycle
That just seems to come full circle
Everybodies gotta be so fuckin' hard
And I’m not excluding myself
'Cause I been stupid as well
I been known to lose it when someone says something smart
But as we grow as men we learn
To let shit go but then again
There’s only so much bullshit we can really stand
We all got reps to up hold
When someone steps on our toe
Its no exception it goes for every man
But if Irv really gave a fuck
About Ja like he claims he does
And wake him up and make his boy get off them drugs
They just keep feeding him pills
So if that E doesn’t kill him
Someone from G Unit will and I ain’t buzzed
Dawg I’m talkin' to you straight
If the situation escalates and worse
Were gonna lose another soldier to this game
And if I get killed for this rap
I got a million in cash
That says I will get you back in Hailey’s name

Irv go get your boy up off that Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Get at me dawg, holla

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