In the beginning,
(Every thing was new city lights, those subway sounds)
I was a young love
(Fell in love with you)
You looked so beautiful
At the matinee
(On Broadway)
She threw a kiss my way
I fell in love
Fell in love with the leading lady, yeah
(Ran within my mind,
Butterflies were flying high)
After the encore
(Would this be the time)
That love would bring us together
But, when the curtain fell
(On Broadway)
The theater was an empty shell
Tell me where did she go
(On Broadway)
Guess I’ll never know, I’ll never, never know
So, baby, take it to the stage
So, we can dance
You and I, a virgin romance,
Take it to the stage,
Where love began
My imagination, let’s make pretend
(I fell in love oh, whooo)
Well she stole my heart
And I was so young and I didn’t understand it
But I waited, and I waited and I waited
To see was she a widow, or out and come around to marry, yeah oh yeah
Anticipation run in on my mind
What a weight on my mind, my mind
On Broadway, Broadway

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