Bizarre: Shit Dog, I jus tell him… mother-fucker the other day, that he going too far with that shit.
Kuniva: Uh, what… ?
Bizarre: He’s coming that crazy ass shit you talking, man.
Swifty: What crazy ass shit?
Kuniva: What the fuck you talkin' about?
Swifty: C’mon Bizzy.
Bizarre: Nigga don’t act like you don’t know no group member. Mother fucka'. You know he talking that crazy ass shit… You’re going too far, Nigga.

(D12 chattering)

Bizarre: Yeah, that’s crazy… man, It’s sweet. I ain’t bad…
(D12 chattering)
Proof: Hey, hey, hey, Bizzy, bring your fat ass over here, nigga, come here.

(D12 Laughing)

Kuniva: Some shit we weren’t even talkin' about. He just get on some other shit.
Swifty: Come here, Bizzy.
Bizzy: Hey.
Swifty: Kick that silly ass shit that you kicked yesterday…
Bizarre: You want me to kick some shit, man?
Kon Artist: Turn the radio down dogg, turn the radio down a little bit…
Bizarre: My girlfriend’s in the Olympics, she’ll be running track meets. I’m lying, she’s a paraplegic, she eats with her feet.
(D12 Laughing)
Bizarre: What the fuck you laughing at? She’ll be here next week in a black jeep, with two other Handicap Freaks.
(D12 Laughing) Yeah Nigga! Haha.
Swifty: That shit’s dope, man, that’s some crazy ass shit. That was some crazy shit, dogg!
(D12 Mumbling) You’ve got to be crazy as hell to hear that shit.
(D12 Laughing and Mumbling)