(Juicy J)
Man… Hey nigga, check this shit out: We was up in Chicago, right? With my nigga Big Hemp, y’knowwhatI’msayin? Man, the nigga pass me a blunt, man, like “Smoke this shit, nigga! This some of that Bin Laden Weed! Y’all don’t know nothing bout this shit down south!” I was all like: “What? What the fuck is Bin Laden Weed?” The man said: “The shit’s like three different kinds of weed, man, grown all together.” He said that shit some straight killer. Them Chicago niggaz, man, they named that shit " Bin Laden Weed,” man, some straight fire!

(Chorus 4x’s)
Who got that hydro?
Who got that light green?
Who got that Bobby Brown?
Who got Bin Laden Weed?

(DJ Paul)
I swear sometimes I got to get high to hang around my hoe
Sometimes I feel like I got to get high to hang round niggaz I know
I sped it up on weed I slowed it down on snow
'Cause I seen so many niggaz fall off that blow
One day they got it all and ain’t got shit to show
So I came to my natures I had to cut that hoe
So know I’m feeling happy, I’m on that binny Bin Laden
And niggaz is acting like they don’t know what the fuck just happened
My vision’s getting blurry, I’m about to fall asleep
Or am I dying of an OD, cause this some potent weed
My life start flashing like holograms like right in front
Of my own face I never felt this way on one blunt
I see my son gaining life and my dad losing his
And old girlfriends and niggaz I shouldn’t have hung with
The picture starting to fade, it’s getting hard to breathe
I’m blacking out with no post up under my shirt and sleeve

(Chorus 4x’s)

(Juicy J)
Well since I’m on Bin Laden, let me tell you a story
Bout these three pussy rappers who couldn’t do nothing for me
Gave a whole lot of cheese said I fucked him his shit
Smoked a whole lot of weed so he seem to forget:
Who bought trunks and your cars, gave you bitches and hoes?
Who told you ass to take a bath when you thought you was raw?
Man I tell you he a killer when we talk on the phone
When you see him face to face he’ll leave you alone
That’s why I’m smoking on this fucking Bin Laden
All my niggaz in the hood they got it
Take one little puff you a addict
Take a gun to the head means tragic
Boy I tell you like this: we can smoke it anywhere
In front of police station with a six pack of beer
Seven a.m. in the morning just watching people stare
Let 'em point them damn fingers say they wild over there

(Chorus 4x’s)

(Lord Infamous)
Ey ey it’s glowing like it’s indigo I smell it through the bag
I’m floating like a magic carpet straight from Baghdad
From my brains from my blood from my lungs from the dutches
Can’t just let this reefer just escape from my a conscious
'Cause it’s the substance I’m loving I’m buzzing
Smoking like a narven huffing and puffing
Came from the Indonesia, Colombian or Kaliman
Or its by the welfare straight from the Taliban

(Crunchy Black)
Do you remember me from smoking good weed
Break it down roll it up give it the indo need
Do you remember me from no sticks no seeds?
Or you remember me from putting you on this Laden weed?
Get yo funds together and come go and see
I’m gone take you on the strip where Bin Laden be
This one blunt action you’ll have to smoke and see
Have you choking, falling out with your family

(Chorus 4x’s)

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