Little Jimmy’s gone
Way out off the backstreet, out of the window
Into the falling rain
And it’s right on time, he’s right on time

And that’s why Broken Arrow
Waved his finger down the road, so dark and narrow
In the evening
Just before the Sunday six-bells chime

And way out on the highway
All the dogs are barking way down below
And you wander
Away from your hillside retreat and view

Went to Arms in North Bridge, way out on the railroad
Together all the tipping trucks will unload
All the scrapbooks
They’re together, stuck with glue

And I’ll stand
Beside you
Beside you, yeah
O child, never, never, never wonder why

Never, never, never, never wonder why at all
Never, never, never, never wonder why at all
It’s gotta be
It had to be

Across the crystal pavements way out in the country
Where you’ll find the hillside mountain slide
The dynamo of your smile caressed the barefoot virgin child, to wander
By your window in the night time, across the foam
You glide as ecstasy surrounds you
Through the night air you’re proud the time is over
Go where, against the pointed island breeze
Across the bootless soft and brazen silence easy
And the night you cry, the spirits and the aeo, and they tell you
“Everything’s all right, go ahead and do it one more time, baby”
Yeah, you’re satisfied at this
And way up in the sky, comes down, kaleidoscope
You hold it open and you kiss
You hold the lantern in the doorway
All the freedom of it
And you’re mad, the night air comes in through your nostrils
And you breath, in out, in out, you breath
But just like that, just like that
You say how does it get ya, when it gets ya
But when it gets ya, it gets ya
You may not know it, it’s got ya
Till you turn around and I’ll point the finger at you
Point the finger at you
And say, “uh which way, which way, which way, which way?”, yeah
But that’s all right, yeah
'Cause I’m hip to it
We’re gonna do it right now
Behind you!

Beside you
Oh beside you
O child, and never, never, never, never, never wonder why at all

Never, never, never, never, wonder why at all
Never, never, never, wonder why at all
It’s gotta be
It has to be