You a astronaut chick and that’s the only thing that matter to me, you amaze me
On a whole 'nother level, me and you we light the room up, only together
Everytime we havin' sex we break a sweat, don’t be suspectin' me
And we don’t wanna go to shleep, 'cause we too obsessed
With the high life, and we gon' blast up like a rocket when the time right, and when the time right

And your style is impeccable, you’re so fuckin' incredible
You don’t drop off your pedestal, well you shine like a bezel, boo
Saks Fifth Avenue, I’m tryna buy you the avenue
You a astronaut baby, everything we do brand new
More water than Cancun, me and you we some Tycoons
We light up the whole room, we hot in that bedroom
More love than February, this-sh ain’t no fairy-tary
The highest level you can go, we blow up to legendary
This outer space lingo, I put ___ on when it’s necessary
You an honor to me, I act along as I treat
I wear my heart on my sleeve, you got my heart in my stomach
Without a doubt in my mind, I’m takin' off and you comin'

Top floor of the penthouse, on the rooftop poppin' bottles
Shawty she go both ways, anytime she go smash models
Addicted to the high life, me and you we 'bout the same
Gucci, Louis, Prada, when we walk it ain’t no thang
Got them VVS diamonds they go bling, them bitches blang
Say you wanna go to Pluto, me and you, we are the same
Baby, tell me you can gutter and she fire to the flame
Remain full of spin like woo ride plane
Take of take off take off take off and play with my pussy
You almost never prepared you’re in a whole 'nother asshole
You are sidity, you pretty, lights, camera, flash
Focus on your future ain’t concerned bout your past

She the red on the bottom of her shoes (on her shoes)
I’m in her brain like I can’t lose (I can’t lose)
And it ain’t nothing for her I can’t do
And when I’m with 'er I got nothin' to prove
She accept me for me and I take you for you
We get high as the skies and get past the moon
We got a special connection, we could light up the room
We some astronaut, maine, no cartoon
We outta here, we eatin ass and we gon' never gonna Earth with you
We ain’t never gone touch the surface again designer gear is all we in
Outer space status, the most incredible bond
In it for the passion, a whole lot of fashion