African sunrise, shine on a brand new day
African sunrise, show us a brand new way
Give us a brand new morning
Show us forever beginning to stand on our own
African sunrise, smile on my African home

In this hour of quiet contemplation
The stillness of the dawning calms my mind
I face the day with heartfelt exaltation
The light is both a promise and a sign

In the darkness we have lost the son of our sister
Though the beauty of his spirit lingers still
This was a child of love, a child of laughter
Who cannot understand the way I feel

Is it not the sun that gives the seasons
Is it not the sun that brings the rain
Our throats are choled with dust, but we’re still singing
Our song will not be silenced by the rain

All around the village I could hear the roosters crowing
There was a time it was like music to my ears
Now all I can hear is the sound of hungry babies crying
I pray for rain to wash away their tears

African sunrise, light of a brand new day
African sunrise, light of a brand new way
With one who will be our brother
And one who will be our partner and teach us to know

African sunrise, smile on my African home
African sunrise…
African sunrise…

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