Part 1

Hey, Pearl, what’s bugging you, girl?
(Too much knowledge, Frank, too much knowledge)
Explain it to me
(Well, it was down at school at the age of six)
One of the real quiz kids
(Yeah, so did reason and lightning touch)
Usual thought
(As time went on, I studied lots of, oh, the other things)
Uh huh, like a
(No, most of them didn’t hurt much)
Well, I’ve had other teachers
(Well I got my diploma, I was real smart)
In a pretty frame, huh?
(Of my knowledge there was no doubt)
That’s pretty obvious
(Yeah but lately I’ve had the same, like in your words too)
(It wasn’t even a thought, let me tell you what I found out now)
Look at the size of my ears, pour it on
(You know it started with a man)
Uh huh!
(And the man he was grand)
Ain’t that the truth
(He had a lie that would make a bird sing)
This kid really came on, I can see that
'Cause you were much too smart to be afraid at the start
(Frank, a little learnin' is a dangerous thing)
Well, I’d like to hear some more
(First he only wanted two)
(Then he changed it to few)
Oh, you mean loot
(I even loaned that man my watch and my ring)
Oh, you lost your head, Pearl, completely
'Cause you were hip to the fact that he would pay you right back
(Yep, a little learning is a dangerous thing)
Uh huh. Yes, with his sweetheart, his so discreet heart
(Oh Frank, he had me doing things that I shouldn’t do)
That cad, ain’t no denying, so sense in trying
(Let me tell you, it is just as bad. My education’s been like some book)
Bet you had an encyclopedia
(Yet now I know the score at last)
So I’m happy for you
(I’m an gal with a past that left my head hot and perched in a sling)
You mean you got yourself in hock?
(Yes, it’s understood that brother gypped me but good)
(A little learning) can be a dangerous thing
Yeah girl that’s the kind of stuff you gotta watch out for
(Oh makes me so nervous)
That’s right, it shakes you up…

Part 2

Yeah, like I said that knowledge can mess up your life at times
(Oh it makes you so nervous, I got a blank, now what’s with you Frank?)
Well, dig me, I started to school just like all kids do
(You mean, you were young once?)
I was a Mickey Rooney of my day, learned my lessons and got along fine
(So should you clamor)
And then as time went on, I learned a lot of other things
(You clever boy!)
Uh huh, and I really had myself some jolly time
(I can imagine as much)
I never played any favorites, 'cause I was much too smart
(You think you’re too smart. Wait till you get further down)
I had my boots on and I had them laced up tight
(You talk like that in your era?)
Wrote a book, Pearl, but then I made a mistake
(Most men do)
Uh huh, I should have known from the start
(Most men don’t)
Aha, let me tell you what happened last night
(This is not this day’s material?)
It’s bad, 'cause it started with a gal
(Always does)
And her name, it was Sal
(Sal, corny)
Oh she was cute. She was as fine as a bird on the wing
(Yeah, you always could think up)
(But you are much too bright to fall in love the first night)
But uh, a little learnin' is a dangerous thing
(I told you that on the other side of the record)
And then we danced for a time or two, till she said she was blue
(Uh, huh, there it is)
And right away, I was doing the thing…
(Just rushing through life)
'Cause I was hip to the fact that I could always jump back
(Do a thing)
But a little learnin' is a dangerous thing
(Yes it is)
She made with sweet talk
(Uh hmmm)
That so hard-to-beat talk
(Know what, Frank?)
What’s that?
(I know she even called you darling, lover man!)
You’ve been eavesdropping
(Yes, I have)
That really sent me, coincidentally
I should have known enough then to scram
(No man is ever that clever — that rhymes!)
Now I guess you know it all, least that’s all I recall
(That’s all you’ll ever recall)
Except the part about the man with a ring
(Oh you’re going again)
In case it’s news to you, the smartest I said I’d do
(Oh you down)
: A little learning is a dangerous, is a dangerous thing
(Oh, pure treachery, treachery!)
Stop, stop!

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