A fine romance (Kem/ Fields)

A fine romance my good fellow.
You take romance, I’ll take jello.
You' re calmer than the seals in the Arctic Ocean,
At least they flap their fins to express emotion.

A fine romance with no quarells,
With no insults and all morals,
I’ve never mussed the crease in your blue serge pants,
I never get the chance; this is a fine romance!

A fine romance with no kisses,
A fine romance my friends this is,
To lack half the thrills that a healthy crime has,
We don’t have half the thrills that the march of time has.

A fine romance with no clinches,
A fine romance with no flinches,
You’re just as hard to land as the Ile de France,
I haven’t got a chance.
My heart isn’t made of plastic, you’re the reason I’m sarcastic; 'cause this is a fine fine romance!

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